Saturday, February 10, 2024

Microsoft pushing Windows 11

It took about 4 years for Windows 10 to surpass Windows 7 as the top version of Microsoft's operating system. It's been around 2½ years since Windows 11 was released, and it's lagging behind Windows 10 having 2½ times the users of Windows 11. That's how it goes. Microsoft doesn't like that, however, and is pushing Windows 11 hard.


One of the biggest reasons people aren't upgrading is that Windows 11 requires more updated hardware than many users have. They'll have to buy a new computer, or purchase extended support for Windows 10. Or, and hear me out on this, switch to another operating system. ChromeOS is a good choice for extending the life of outdated computer hardware. Linux is also a good choice to extend hardware life.

My Streaming Life uses Windows to drive my Plex server. It's still running Windows 10, but it is upgradable to Windows 11. If it was not, I would install Linux.

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