Monday, February 12, 2024

Best streaming services that aren't as well known

Tom's Guide had an article recently that I found interesting. I didn't necessarily agree with it, but I did find it interesting.

The article was titled "5 best streaming services you've never heard of" and covered some specialty services. I was familiar with four of them.

Whether you're a cinephile yearning for meticulously curated cinematic masterpieces, a thrill-seeker immersed in the spine-chilling allure of horror films, or love the world of Asian dramas and animation, these niche streaming services all have libraries that you might just want to check out!

The article then listed them, along with descriptions. Here are the names of the five:

  • Shudder
  • Crunchyroll
  • Rakuten Viki
  • BroadwayHD
  • MUBI

None are really my cup of tea. MUBI is the one that is of most interest to me, but I won't pay $15/month for it. Oh, the one with which I was not familiar? BroadwayHD. Again, not really my cup of tea. But one or more of them might be yours.

For years, I've thought the best service that isn't well known is actually a free one, though they have a paid version: Pub-D-Hub. Yes, it's public domain content. But it's an excellent place for lots of content. And while it's free, the paid versions -- Gold and Gold+ -- are less than $1/month combined, paid yearly.

The only bad thing about Pub-D-Hub is that it's only available on Roku and Fire TV. No Apple TV or Google/Android TV.

My Streaming Life has used Pub-D-Hub for several years. I've tried MUBI but didn't keep it. It wasn't the content, it was the cost. I wouldn't watch enough of it to make it worthwhile. But you might. And try out Pub-D-Hub while you're at it, if it is supported on your platform.

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