Thursday, February 1, 2024

Watching with no subscriptions

I will occasionally subscribe to a streaming service. For a while, I've been subscribing to one streaming service a month, and changing out each month to a different service. That way, I could watch the content from several services, but not pay the cost of all of those services each month.

That way has been a good way to stream. Only, I've noticed something over time. I would subscribe to a service, then not watch anything on the service. The reason that happened is that my process was to subscribe to a service at the start of the month, then toward the end of the month, set a reminder to cancel, and do that before the month ended.

Then, at the start of the next month, I'd subscribe to another service. And the cycle would repeat. And that was a pretty good way to do things, except that I would sometimes subscribe because it was time to, but never watch the service. This wouldn't happen all the time, but it would happen sometimes.

Then, I decided to subscribe, set a reminder, cancel when it was time, but then not subscribe to another service until there was something I wanted to watch on it. And I found that I would go a while before subscribing.

Things didn't go quite so smooth, though, as there have been subscriptions to services for longer than a month. For example, a service, say Starz, would offer a heckuva deal for subscribing. As I had budgeted $15/month for services, these promotions would have a really good price for 3-6 months, and when a family member said "I'd watch that" then I would take advantage of the special pricing and subscribe. It was more than $15, but not a lot more. And it covered multiple months.

Well, wouldn't you know it, but the service would often not get used. So, now I'm keeping my mouth shut, not asking "would you watch that?" to anyone, and simply subscribing when I find something I want, or am asked about some content.

I've canceled or suspended subscriptions on everything, and I'm now waiting on services to end. When that happens, my plan is to not subscribe to anything. I want to see how long I can go like that.

I'm thinking I can go that way for a while. My Streaming Life hasn't used the pay services much over the last year, so I'm about to make that official. No subscriptions. Let's see how long I can go.

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