Friday, February 9, 2024

Plex rentals

This week, reports came that Plex now had a movie rental store available within its app. I checked it out -- no, I didn't rent anything, just looked it over -- and sure enough, you can rent movies through Plex.

I'll say up front that I don't see myself taking advantage of this. At least, not much. I don't often rent movies, unless it's something I really want to see, and it's not available on a streaming service I am subscribed to at the time. Rarely have I rented movies, but I have. If it's not a "watch with subscription" movie, I'll usually buy it when it goes on sale, either for a price similar or cheaper than the rental cost.

However, I could see times that I would rent a movie. So, this may be something I try.

As you can see, it's a pretty standard layout. There isn't anything special about Plex movie rentals as far as I can tell. However, as the next picture shows, they seem to be fair when it comes to offereing how to get the films.

When I looked at "Barbie" for instance, the first option wasn't Plex rental. It was watch with a subscription to Max. And, there were otehr rental options listed as well. They aren't quite so in your face as other streaming services. I like that.

My Streaming Life doesn't often involve rentals. But I now have one more option when I do rent a movie. And more choices is better.

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