Friday, June 9, 2023

Onn Streaming Box gets it right

Over a month ago, I decided to try the new Onn Streaming Box.

I tried the older Onn Streaming Box back in 2021, and was underwhelmed.

When I read that Walmart was updating the device, I was skeptical. I said I would probably get one -- and I did -- but I also said I wasn't expecting to like it.

I was wrong. I actually do like it. It's a huge improvement over the original Onn Streaming Box.

The remote is pretty much the same, and is still missing a pause button. It's not intuitive for me to press the center button to pause. It's not ideal for me, but I can adapt to it.

The Google TV interface is good. The device is responsive. Most importantly, the device is stable. The original device required a lot of restarts. The new one hasn't skipped a beat.

At $20, it's a great bargain. My Streaming Life is predominately Roku, along with some Fire TV. But the Onn Streaming Box running Google TV is an excellent choice, based on my experience.

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