Friday, June 30, 2023

CNN+ failed, so CNN may go all in on streaming ??

Word is that CNN is considering becoming a streaming platform and dropping cable altogether. That's right, Cable News Network might leave cable.

Of course, another report says "not so fast there" calling the report "premature." Note that "premature" could mean wrong, or it could mean right but not officially announced.

Which is it? I dunno.

First, let's look at the report that CNN is going to be added to Max (formerly HBO Max) as a live channel. Not content from CNN, but actual CNN. That would make sense, as Max and CNN have the same owners.

Where it gets questionable, but still possible, is the suggestion that CNN may ditch cable altogether. The Cord Cutters News story mentions an article from Bloomberg, but I can't find anything that says CNN will drop cable. I'm either missing something, or Cord Cutters News knows something others don't.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see CNN on Max. I would be surprised to see CNN drop cable and go only streaming. It's possible to be on streaming and on cable. Just look at ... everything else.

A report from Deadline called the Bloomberg story into question:

Bloomberg reported on Wednesday that Warner Bros. Discovery had already decided to add live news to its service outside the United States.

A source at the network told Deadline, "We are looking at all options," noting the global reach of CNN and its networks, which include CNN International. Another source said that the Bloomberg report was premature.

My Streaming Life doesn't include a lot of news, because all of the US services are skewed to one side of the political spectrum or the other. Most lean left, and a handful lean right. None, as far as I can tell, ignore an agenda and report only the facts, and not just the facts that bolster one side.

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