Thursday, June 15, 2023

Amazon Home Internet is still months away

Most of my life, I have lived in areas where Internet options were limited.

I had to deal with dial-up for years after some friends and family had much faster service.

DSL was eventually available, and I had AT&T DSL when I started streaming back in 2010. Eventually, good high speed Internet came available, and I moved to an area with more options.

Currently, I'm in an area where it's pretty limited. The only reasonable ISP is Comcast/Xfinity. Starlink isn't available, but will be before the year is out. That would be $120/month in addition to the $600 equipment price, plus another $102 in tax and shipping. Xfinity Internet is $52/month. I'll only go to Starlink if Comcast really ticks me off.

However, Amazon is looking to launch a home Internet service later this year. And it should be cheaper than Starlink, according to a report quoted in Cord Cutters News:

Amazon hasn’t announced pricing details yet, but affordability is a key principle of Project Kuiper. Amazon has a longstanding commitment to low prices, and lots of experience building popular, low-cost devices like Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick. We’re applying a similar approach with Project Kuiper. We also know customer needs will vary quite a bit around the world, and our service offerings may vary from country to country with the right pricing and service for customers in each region.

I am curious about this, and hope the expected $100/month price turns out to be even lower. My Streaming Life would like to have more options.

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