Thursday, June 29, 2023

Peacock TV again! Yay!

Less than a day after getting hit by the Xfinity Rewards glitch for Peacock TV, things started working. I never had to call Comcast.

Briefly, I couldn't activate my Xfinity Rewards for extending free Peacock TV service. I don't watch Peacock TV a lot, but if I can get it for free, I'll take it. Only the glitch that some people experienced seems to have hit me as well.

When I got in from work on Wednesday night, it was working. That caught me by surprise.

I have to give Comcast credit for fixing the issue without even having to contact them. When Comcast works, it works very very well. And after a bit of a problem, it once again works very very well. I'll call them out when there's a problem. I should give them credit when they get it right. And currently, it's right.

My Streaming Life is usually without many problems. That is again the situation, and I really like it when it's that way. Good on Comcast for fixing this without having to contact them.

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