Wednesday, June 21, 2023

So what's with all the YouTube videos?

You may have noticed a lot of YouTube videos from different sources being posted recently. If so, and if you've wondered why this all of a sudden, the answer if simple: I'm off doing family stuff.

I haven't had the opportunity to take any of the grandchildren to a theme park in quite some time. However, the opportunity to take my son and his family, so I did. And now I'm back. Did you miss me? No? Oh well.

I wrote this post, and the other recent posts, in the days ahead of the trip. I wrote stuff that wasn't time-sensitive. It's all good stuff, or at least stuff that I think is useful and interesting. And it allows me to keep content posted every day. And it allows me to focus on the family for these few days.

My Streaming Life is important to me. The kids are more important.

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