Monday, June 5, 2023

Streaming the Stanley Cup

Well, dang it. Not only did I miss the start of the NBA finals, I missed the start of the Stanley Cup, the NHL finals.

Mind you, I don't watch basketball or hockey, but a lot of people do. And I'm a bit embarrassed that the professional championship in those sports came and I wasn't ready.

With the first game in the books, the Vegas Golden Knights hold a 1-0 series advantage over the Florida Panthers. Game two is tonight.

If you are a fan of the NHL, you can watch the Stanley Cup without cable.

TNT is broadcasting the series, and you can watch TNT streaming by a few methods.


  • Sling TV (Orange), $40/month.
  • Sling TV (Blue), $40/month.
  • Sling TV (Orange+Blue), $55/month.
  • DirecTV (Entertainment), $65/month.
  • Hulu+Live TV, $70.
  • YouTube TV, $73/month.
  • Fubo (Pro), $75/month.

You may have noticed that Vidgo ("We are live sports") isn't live sports for the Stanley Cup. Vidgo doesn't carry TNT.

The cheapest way is to get Sling TV, either the Orange or the Blue package. But the overall content of the package may be a reason to pick one of the more expensive packages. My Streaming Life doesn't normally include ice hockey. But if yours does, you have options. Lots of options.

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