Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Xfinity Rewards and Peacock TV

Being an Xfinity Internet customer for years means that I qualify for the Xfinity Rewards bonus of free Peacock TV. So, I activated the rewards. Things didn't go well.

It seems as if the glitch that has been impacting Xfinity customers over the last few days hit me as well. Xfinity says I've already activated the reward, but my account doesn't have it. So, I'm in the Xfinity Circle Of Hell where you follow the instructions and the instructions lead you down a circular path.

I'm going to have to speak to a human at Comcast, and that is something you never want to do.

When Comcast works well, it works really well. When Comcast doesn't work well, it's hell to get a solution. I'm in Comcast Hell right now.

I'll deal with it later, probably tomorrow. Today is a busy day, and I don't want the frustration from Comcast Hell to make work any worse than it's going to be already.

I have to admit that I don't watch Peacock TV that much, and that the $5/month cost isn't that much. But if I can get it for free, I'll take that. Who knows? I might watch it more? (I won't.)

My Streaming Life is usually pretty stress free. Usually. Today isn't one of those days.

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