Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Paramount Plus discount for military

Paramount Plus is running a special for veterans, whether active duty, retired, or other. It is available to active duty, retirees, reservists and National Guard, veterans, dependents and spouses.

Being a veteran, it looked interesting to me. Getting 20-25% off Paramount Plus sounds interesting.

I don't normally take advantage of military discounts. I'm quite proud of my military service, but as I didn't retire, simply ETSed, I usually don't take advantage of these things. I don't have a card that I carry, and I certainly don't lug around a copy of my DD-214, so should I even try for such things, it's usually them taking me at my word. Things like that bother me, because that puts the merchant at risk of being exploited by someone who is guilty of Stolen Valor.

I didn't do 20 years, and those that did are the ones that are more entitled to the discount. However, Paramount Plus has a verification process, and if they do check, then I'm more likely to take advantage of the offer.

20-25% off for life sounds pretty good. And if you are a veteran or active duty, and you want a discount, you may want to click the link and sign up.

My Streaming Life isn't very expensive, as I don't subscribe to a bunch of services all at once. I'll do one this month, another the next month, and so on. If I did keep a service year-round, Paramount Plus is one that would be on the short list. The ability to get local live CBS, as well as other live CBS/Paramount content is something that is appealing to me.

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