Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Netflix dropping $10/month plan?

A report from Canada says that Netflix is ending it's $10/month plan. In Canada.

Why does this matter in the US? It might not. But then, again, it might. Netflix has rolled out changes that customer won't like in other countries before finally implementing them in the US. The whole password sharing crackdown? Outside the US before finally hitting here. This could be another instance of that. CTV has the report on the Canadian service change:

The change in subscription options comes months after Netflix used the Canadian market as a testing ground for its password-sharing crackdown.

Netflix has already removed the basic tier for new subscribers and a company representative said it will also be removed as an option for current members "in the near future."

When this may hit the US, if it hits the US, isn't know. My Streaming Life doesn't involve Netflix currently, and I would probably use the ad-supported tier if I wanted to re-subscribe.

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