Saturday, June 17, 2023

Streaming prices increasing

The writers strike could be a contributor to streaming prices going up. That's according to an analysis from Cord Cutters News that was posted this week.

According to the report by Kayla Wassell, the strike is hitting traditional TV hard, and streaming TV isn't immune from the effects:

Traditional linear television is taking a harder hit than connected TV, which GroupM expects to jump up 11.6 percent by 2024. Linear television, on the other hand, has dropped 4.7 percent to $62.8 billion. Connected TV is swiping subscribers from traditional linear television, essentially. But overall, cord cutting is a big player in all of this. Fewer cable subscribers mean less ad revenue, an open feedback loop in a sense.

Streaming services use ad-revenues to keep subscription costs down. As that money supply dries up, it is very likely some services will be forced to raise prices.

None if this is good for consumers. My Streaming Life doesn't use a lot of subscription services. I'm focusing more on free ad-supported content (FAST) services at the moment. However, this will impact others as it's making a bad situation worse. 

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