Tuesday, March 21, 2023

YouTube TV price increase

Are you tired of having to pay $65/month for YouTube TV? Well, there's good news. And bad news. Really bad news.

The good news is that starting April 18, you won't have to pay $65/month for YouTube TV.

The bad news, the really bad news, is the price is going up to $73/month.

YouTube TV sent an email around to customers recently. It explains things, at least from the Google perspective.

We have an important update for our members. After nearly 3 years, we’re adjusting our monthly price from $64.99/month to $72.99/month. As content costs have risen and we continue to invest in the quality of our service, we are updating our price to keep bringing you the best possible service.

Your YouTube TV Base Plan membership price will change in your first billing cycle on or after April 18, 2023, and will be charged to your payment method on file going forward. To view your current plan, go to your Settings > Membership page for updated information. If you are currently on a Base Plan promotional price or a trial, that promotion is still honored and unchanged.

We will also be lowering the price of our 4K Plus add-on from $19.99/month to $9.99/month. Users new to 4K Plus are eligible for a $4.99/month for 12 months promotional offer.* For existing users, if you are on a promotional price below $10/month, you’ll enjoy that price until the promotional period is over, at which point you’ll automatically receive the new price of $9.99/month. If you’re currently paying above $9.99/month, your new price will be $9.99/month.

We hope YouTube TV continues to be your service of choice, but we also understand that some members may want to cancel their service. Family managers have the ability to cancel anytime here. For additional information, please visit our Help Center.

The YouTube TV team

It's true that there hasn't been a price increase from YouTube TV for a while. However, a price increase is still a price increase. And there seems to be a lot of them recently. Everything has gone up since 2021, it seems.

How can you avoid the price increase? This may be a good time to sit down and decide if you really need YouTube TV. Or any live streaming service.

If you don't need to stream local channels, then you could subscribe to a cheaper service. If you have an antenna, or simply don't watch local TV -- sometimes Hulu gets you all the network TV shows on a next day basis -- then a cheaper live streaming service may be the way to go.

Or don't subscribe to a live streaming service at all. I don't.

Well, that's not true. I do subscribe to Frndly TV. That ($7/month) and Hulu ($7/month) get me all I want to pay for. Perhaps it's time you sat down and seriously considered if you're really getting value from paying so much for a live streaming service. Your Streaming Life may not need to cost so much.

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