Thursday, March 23, 2023

Newsmax returns to DirecTV Stream

There was a dust-up recently about DirecTV (and DirecTV Stream) dropping Newsmax from its lineup. I didn't weigh in on it, but I probably should have.

Since I don't subscribe to DirecTV Stream (or any of the expensive live streaming services) it didn't impact me. Newsmax has a Roku app (although it's buggy) that I could use if I wanted to watch the content.

Honestly, any time something comes to or leaves an expensive live streaming service, I don't really care. I don't subscribe to those services (except for college football season, when I'll subscribe to Sling TV or some other service to get ESPN).

However, I do not like it when content is pulled from a service. Usually, it's over money. Heck, it's always over money. And the outcome is always people paying more for a service. (But not me, since I don't subscribe anyway.)

Now, word is that Newsmax returns to DirecTV Stream (and DirecTV satellite service) today:

"Newsmax recognizes and appreciates that DIRECTV clearly supports diverse voices, including conservative ones," said Christopher Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax. "As a standalone company, DIRECTV helped give Newsmax its start nearly a decade ago as it continues to do with upcoming news networks, which is why we are pleased to reach a mutually beneficial agreement that will deliver our network to DIRECTV, DIRECTV STREAM and U-verse customers over the next several years."

"This resolution with Newsmax, resolving an all-too-common carriage dispute, underscores our dedication to delivering a wide array of programming and perspectives to our customers," said Bill Morrow, CEO of DIRECTV. "Through our persistent negotiations, we reached a resolution under mutually-agreeable business terms allowing us to deliver the conservative news network at the right value -- a reflection of the free market at work."

Newsmax will be available on DIRECTV, DIRECTV STREAM, and U-verse customers, rejoining the now expanded and diversified news lineup, which includes six 24/7 news networks.

See? They're playing nice. Until the next time. Which again won't impact me, as I don't expect to be paying for a high-priced live streaming service, when I can get so much so cheaper in my Streaming Life.

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