Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Data caps for Spectrum

An online report says that Spectrum customers are about to experience data caps.

Welcome to my world, Spectrum users.

I've been with Comcast for several years, and have dealt with data caps this entire time. I have to say that only a couple of times have I surpassed the caps, and each time was unrelated to streaming. Well, mostly unrelated.

One time, I set up a new computer and had the iTunes settings so that it downloaded everything I had purchased. I thought it was set for new purchases only, but no, it was set for all. And I did this before I went out of town for a few days, so it downloaded about a TB of files, which busted my data cap.

Something similar happened a second time. Not exactly the same, but it was another out of the ordinary thing that busted the caps.

Normally, I don't have to worry about going over, so I haven't complained a lot about the data caps. But a lot of people do complain. And a lot of Spectrum customers have boasted about the lack of data caps on that system.

No more. According to Cord Cutters News, Spectrum is about to impose caps on customers:

Now on May 18th, 2023, Spectrum’s deal with the FCC will end, and it is expected that Spectrum will impose data caps.

Right now, only a handful of major providers do not impose data caps in some form. Most customers may never go over 1TB of data it is possible. Streaming Netflix in 4K will go through 1TB of data in about 171 hours. That works out to be roughly 7 hours of 4K streaming every day in a month.

Now, most streaming is not in 4K. With Netflix HD, it works out to be about 500 hours of streaming to hit 1TB. That works out to be over 16 hours of HD streaming every day in a 30-day month.

Whether or not Spectrum imposes the caps -- and I don't doubt they will -- it probably won't impact a lot of people. Like me, they probably won't go over. And while I don't like the idea of data caps, it is a part of my Streaming Life, though a part I don't like.

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