Thursday, March 9, 2023

Thanks AT&T but no thanks

I so want to like AT&T. Really I do. But they seem to go out of their way to make things so hard.

I use AT&T Wireless, having switched from Verizon, and have overall been happy. There have been some things I didn't like, but overall, I'm good with the switch.

Of course, since they have my email address and phone number (it's a new number, as I retired the old number from a different area code), AT&T will send me marketing offers, such as ACP (the cheap Internet discount for which I don't qualify) and Fiber, which is not available here.

That last one is really an irritant to me. They have my address, so they know they don't offer the service at my house, but they promote it anyway. And every time they do, I check, and sure enough, it's not offered here.

They do offer service, just not good service. Did you see the speed?

Three mbps? Three?

Living in a small town, we are ignored by large companies and don't get all the products and services. I'm used to that. But I don't understand why they offer me things they don't or won't provide to me. I'm not going to settle for something less in my Streaming Life.

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