Friday, March 3, 2023

Google TV changes

Roku is my favorite streaming device. It's my favorite partly because of how reliable the devices are, and partly because I really like the interface.

However, there are good things about other platforms, including Google TV. But, the other platforms' interfaces aren't as good in my opinion. Google TV has a cluttered appearance, for instance.

That is changing, however. Google TV is changing its interface. Google says the changes should make it better:

So to improve your search journey and help narrow down your options, we’re launching four new content pages on Google TV in the U.S. These new pages, located right below the apps row on the For you tab, give you easy access to the best of Movies, Shows, Family and Spanish-language entertainment, without jumping app to app.

Is it an improvement? Well, I'll be looking it over and sharing my thoughts of it. I've been using Amazon Fire TV more lately, for a couple of reasons. But Google TV will get some focus now.

I'm always in favor of things getting better. However, sometimes "better" isn't better. But I'll give this a shot. If it is better, then my Streaming Life will be better. And I'm always in favor of that.

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