Monday, March 27, 2023

Hulu layoffs?

A report last week said that Hulu may be laying off a lot of people.

It's never good when people lose their jobs.

Parent company Disney is laying off a lot of people, and Hulu is expected to get hit with a higher proportion of cuts than other divisions of the House of Mouse.

Hulu is not alone in the job cuts as Disney is reportedly planning to make cuts at ABC Signature and 20th Television also but Hulu's may be more significant. Deadline reports that Hulu's layoffs could start as soon as next week but may be done in waves and not all at once.

This all comes as Disney has a decision to make as time is running out to decide if Disney wants to sell off Hulu or complete its deal with Comcast to buy all of Hulu.

During Disney's last earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger was asked if Disney would be open to selling off. In response, he said everything was on the table.

I've been a fan of Hulu for some time. It doesn't matter to me if Hulu is owned by Disney or not. It was originally owned by NBC, ABC, and Fox when they were all separate entities. Those three major networks had an interest in making Hulu work. Now, that's not so much the case.

I would hate to see Hulu go away. I have enjoyed the service for years, and hope to continue that. But things change, even my Streaming Life.

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