Wednesday, March 15, 2023

MLB to stream some games for free

With the impending collapse -- or what seems to be an impending collapse -- of regional sports networks (RSNs), Major League Baseball is reported to be planning to stream some teams' games for free.

As always, there's a catch.

Bally Sports Networks (actually, Diamond Sports Group) declared bankruptcy this week. In the process, reports say that some contracts are being canceled. Not all, but some.

The New York Post has a report of a new wrinkle in all this in that MLB TV will stream for free some of the games of the canceled contracts.

Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred will have the league take over the local broadcasts of the money-losing teams and stream them for free in their respective local markets as he negotiates with their cable companies for lower contracts, a source with knowledge of the discussions said.

MLB has not finalized plans for how fans in the blacked-out markets will be able to view the free games. Currently, fans can pay to watch out-of-market games through the MLB.TV app.

MLB declined comment.

Everything indicates that current blackout rules apply. This simply means that fans will still have access to the same games, just for free for those teams. If they weren't able to stream them live before when paying for them, they still won't be able to stream them live for free.

So, if you wanted live baseball for free in your Streaming Life, you may get some teams, but the same blackout rules apply.

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