Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Scams as far as the eye can see

As more and more people enter the world of cord cutting and streaming, more and more scams pop up. It's how things are.

Wherever there are people, there are other people trying to separate them from their money. There are tales of pickpockets roaming the crowds at public hangings, where the people being hanged were convicted thieves. Even with the threat of death over them, thieves will be thieves, and will target wherever the people are.

So, with more people adding streaming, or moving to streaming, more thieves are moving there as well.

Recently, Cord Cutters News had an article outlining "The Most Common Cord Cutting Scams to Watch Out For":

Bill Pay Scams

Increasingly scammers are sending out emails that appear to be from Netflix, for example, asking you to update your billing info. Scammers are trying to get you to hand over your credit card info.

How to avoid this scam. Never click links in an email. Always look closely, not at the name used in the email but at the actual email address to make sure it is not from a random website. If in doubt, go to the website of the service to check your billing information.

They also cover problems involving:

  • Illegal Streaming Services
  • Stealing Your Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, etc Accounts

It's a good read, and something to consider if you're new to streaming, or even if you've been streaming a while. If you can keep others from taking your money, you'll enjoy your Streaming Life so much more.

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