Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Mounting a TV over a fireplace

Several years ago, there was a discussion in the family about mounting a TV over a fireplace. I was against it. I was the only one against it. I lost the argument.

When I saw a Q&A recently about mounting a TV over a fireplace, I wanted to see if I was right. Spoilers: I was.

TV Answer Man Phillip Swann says it's a bad idea, for a couple of reasons:

If you mount the screen too high on the wall, your eyes have to adjust to focus on the center point and, consequently, your viewing is not as smooth. You will feel like you are constantly adjusting your seat position and that’s no way to watch TV!

Plus, if the set is mounted above your eye level, you will indeed have to crane your neck to watch it. That may be okay for a few minutes, or even a 30-minute sitcom, but try watching a two-hour movie that way. (If you do, bring a bottle of Advil. You will get a headache!)

The other reasons is from the heat. Read his entire article for more information. Perhaps it will help your TV last longer, and help you enjoy your Streaming Life.

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