Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Top free apps for Fire TV

I've been a Roku user since 2010, well before Amazon and Google launched streaming platforms. I actually used both Roku and Apple TV, but that was when Apple TV had a very limited interface. In the years since, I've stayed with Roku.

Recently, I've used Fire TV more and more. I'm not dissatisfied with Roku, but from time to time will focus on other platforms. I'm not always qualified to suggest apps for other platforms -- at least, not as qualified as I am for Roku -- but I do have an idea. However, I'm willing to defer to those with more experience with the other platforms, including this video from Cord Cutters News that lists the top free apps for Fire TV:


Could I have done a list like this? As it turns out, yes. I would agree with most of these. Luke knows his stuff, but since I pretty much agree with his list, I kinda know my stuff, too. Still, it's a good resource for new about cord cutting, and a Website that I use in my Streaming Life.

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