Friday, March 31, 2023

A new Roku update is coming ... eventually

One thing about Roku that some people don't understand, and really don't like, is the rollout process for updates.

People want, or expect, or both, the updates to come quickly, and all at once. But that's not how Roku works.

When Roku has a major upgrade, they roll the updates out over a period of time. Not days. Not just weeks. Roku takes months to roll them out.

Sometimes, your update will come the day that the update is released. Sometimes, your update will not come for a couple of months, or more.

Also (as if that's not enough), if you have multiple devices, not all devices will get updates at the same time. That is, your Roku in the bedroom may get the update the day it's released, but your Roku in the living room might not get the update until three months later.

Of course, you could get all your updates the very first day. But you probably won't.

Roku announced Roku OS 12 back on March 9. I haven't received an update on any of my devices yet.

When OS 11 came out, once device got it same day it was announced (actually, the day before, as the announcement was delayed until the next day), and other devices got it a month or two later. Usually, I don't get any updates the same day it is announced. Usually, it's a month or two, or three, until I get them.

So, what's up with Roku OS 12?

  • Local news on Live TV. Only, I see that with Roku 11.5. Are they expanding it?
  • Premium Subscriptions within Live TV. Again, something I already see with Roku OS 11.5.
  • Sports. Again, part of OS 11.5, but they promise more personalized. Which I hope means they'll quick suggesting ice hockey, soccer, basketball, tennis, and such.
  • Continue Watching (in What to Watch). Again, I have this in OS 11.5.
  • Roku Mobile App Account Hub. I'm seeing the ability to do all the things it says.
  • Roku Mobile Home page streamlined. I see the features it promises already.
  • Live TV Guide Button on the mobile app. This is something I don't see. I'm curious to see if this actually rolls out with OS 12, or if it's a feature that is delayed.
  • Photo Stream improvements. As I don't use Photo Streams, I wouldn't know if this is an actual improvement or not. I'll take others' words for it.

Roku lists several things in the Roku 12 update, but I'm already seeing some of these in Roku 11.5. So, that makes me wonder if there are really any OS 12 changes. This is how Roku seems to have done things the last few years, and I don't particularly care for this.

It's great that features are rolled out, but to say "New in OS 12" when they are already there just seems wrong.

This won't impact, and hasn't impacted, how Roku is a part of my Streaming Life, but it is a sore spot with me.

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