Second thoughts on Chromecast

I've been using Roku as my primary streaming device since 2010. But, along the way, I've used many other devices. I currently have an Apple TV, Fire TV Stick, and Chromecast with Google TV. And Chromecast is my topic today.

I've talked before about what I like about Chromecast, and what I don't like about Chromecast. The things I like are still true, but the things I don't like are becoming more and more apparent. For example, my Chromecast is sluggish. Sure, there are ways to fix that, but having to do that isn't something I particularly care for.

These little nagging things -- sluggish and requiring a restart, running out of space -- can wear on my patience. Now, if all devices were like that, I wouldn't complain so much. But, over time, it turns out that Fire TV, which was on my naughty list for years, now performs better over time. And Roku performs best overall. Well, Roku and Apple TV perform the best.

This isn't to say that Chromecast with Google TV is a bad device. Rather, it's not quite up to par with Roku or Apple TV, and right now, if behind Fire TV. It's number four on my list of four devices. It was second, behind Roku. That's not a good trend.

Still, it works well enough. And if it's your device of choice, that's a good decision. It's just not my device of choice. However, it will remain a part of my Streaming Life.


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