Saturday, January 29, 2022

Streaming Beijing Olympics

The 24th Winter Olympic Games begin February 4th in Beijing. If you're a streamer and interested in the games, you'll be happy to know you can stream them.

In 1901, Sweden hosted the Nordic Games. At the time, there were no winter games in the Olympics. Norway hosted the Nordic games in 1903, then Sweden hosted the games in 1905, 1909, 1913, 1917, 1922, and 1926.

In 1924, the first Winter Olympics were held, and the Nordic Games ceased running after the 1926 events. The Winter Olympics were held every four years from 1924 to 1992, excepting 1940 and 1944 when Axis Powers countries Japan and Italy were scheduled to host. World War II took priority.

The Winter Games shifted two years following the 1992 games, being held in 1994, and every four years after. That puts the Summer Olympics in even years divisible by four, and the Winter Olympics during the intervening even years.

This year, they're in Beijing. And, as usual, NBC has broadcast rights in the USA. You'll be able to watch many events on your local NBC station, using an antenna or a live streaming service. If you want to watch more events, there's Peacock TV. The Olympics FAQ says you'll be able to watch every event with that service:

Can I watch the entire Winter Olympics on Peacock, including Opening and Closing Ceremonies?

Yes! If you have a Peacock Premium plan, you can stream the entire Winter Olympics, from Opening Ceremony to Closing Ceremony and everything in between. Get more details here.

If you have a Peacock Free plan, you can stream recaps, highlights, and commentary on our always-on Olympic Channels.

Peacock TV Premium is $5/month. If you are a Comcast/Xfinity Internet subscriber, you can add Xfinity Flex to your plan for free, and get Peacock TV Premium included.

If you want to watch NBC content, your local NBC station is available several different ways.

  • Antenna (free to watch)
  • YouTube TV ($65/month)
  • Fubo TV ($65/month)
  • Hulu+Live TV ($70/month)
  • DirecTV Stream ($70/month)

Keep in mind that only Peacock TV has every event. If you want the Winter Olympics in your Streaming Life, Peacock TV, at $5/month, is the cheapest way to accomplish this.

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