Friday, January 28, 2022

Tablo Connect update II

A few months ago, I set up Tablo Connect and tried it on my Chromecast with Google TV device, and with my Fire TV Stick 4K device. I had planned on testing it with Apple TV, but never did. I will eventually. Probably.

My focus for now is on Tablo Connect, not on the devices. Simply put, the device doesn't matter. Well, as long as the device supports Tablo Connect. That means no Roku. Tablo works on Roku, but the Connect feature doesn't. Maybe it will one day, but for now, to use Tablo Connect, you need Apple TV, Chromecast, Nvidia Shield, Fire TV, iOS devices, and Android devices.

So, what is Tablo Connect? Well, it's what Tablo calls their watch anywhere, on the go, whatever you want to call it. You can watch your Tablo, live or recorded content, away from home. Is that a big deal? Well, yeah, it really is. Think about that. You can watch your home TV antenna content anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection.

I manage the TV/tech setup in a couple of houses. I don't have an antenna at my house because of the trouble with trees and power lines. It's not an ideal situation, but one that I'm working to resolve. It's not a priority though. Why not? Because at my mother's house, I bought and put up an antenna. That gave that house the ability to watch TV over the air. I set up Tablo there so all the TVs can watch over the air TV and recordings through the Roku devices.

So, my antenna is at a location away from my house. Not ideal, but Tablo Connect lets me use it just as it it was at my house. And it works well. As long as the Internet is working at both locations, I can watch over the air TV any time I want.

The only issues I ever have are unrelated to Tablo connect. There are a couple of channels that occasionally experience dropouts, but that's the antenna and the signal, and the fact the TV tower is over 40 miles away for that station. Tablo Connect is great.

How could it benefit you? Well, if you're in a situation where an antenna isn't easy to set up at your location, but there is another location you could use, then setting up Tablo Connect solves that problem. I bore all the expense is the setup. I bought the antenna and pole, paid for the installation, paid for the Tablo device, paid for the Tablo two-week guide, paid for everything.

Was it worth it? Absolutely. I mean, if I was doing this at my house, I'd have paid for everything, so it was no extra cost for me. I bought what I would have bought anyway. I just put it up at my mother's house rather than mine, because it was much easier to put up an antenna there. I get to watch TV over the air, as do everyone there.

Tablo Connect is great. If you're using Tablo, or thinking about putting up an antenna, consider Tablo. Both it and Air TV work well, but Tablo Connect is a useful feature for me. It makes my Streaming Life so much better. It may be something for you to look into. I'm glad I did.

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