DirecTV Stream price increase

This past year, Hulu, Netflix, Frndly.TV, and other services have raised their prices. Now, DirecTV Stream, the most expensive of the live streaming services, is raising prices on most plans this week.

According to a notice on their Website, the prices for service will go up tomorrow on most plans, but not on their cheapest plan. That plan remains at $70/month. The bigger plans, though, go up $5-$10. For grandfathered plans, the increases will be $4-$10.

DIRECTV Stream packages (Current) Monthly price increase amount
Minimum service ENTERTAINMENT No increase

This is not unexpected. Prices increase because that's what prices do. Or have done to them. Bottom line is it costs more.

How do you deal with this? What can you do about it? Well, there are several ways to go.

One way is to just put up with it. Prices went up, and you pay more. Simple. But that might not sit well. It wouldn't with me.

Another option is to look for a cheaper service. DirecTV Stream is the most expensive service, so just about any other service will save you money. If another service has the channels you want and is cheaper, you can save money by switching services.

And there's the old "do I really need this" option. I don't use a live streaming service year-round. Ask yourself if you need it year round. If you can skip a month or two during the year, you'll end up saving money, even with the price increase.

You can also do both the second and third option. Get a cheaper service that has the channels you want, and only subscribe part of the year. Along with that, look into the free services, such as Pluto TV or Xumo, and see if the content there can substitute for some of the channels on your expensive live streaming service. You might be surprised what you find. Even with the price increases, you may be able to save some money in your Streaming Life.


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