Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Watching election results

It's election day. Now, yes, I know, many people vote early. I won't go into the argument about early voting. Rather, I'm going to focus on how you can watch the election results.

If you're streaming, and want to watch the results, there are plenty of free options. There are also paid options.

Let's cover the free options first, okay. And, keep in mind, these aren't all of the free options, but these are the most popular. You may already know of these, but if not, and if you want to watch the election results, here are a few.

  • NBC News NOW
  • ABC News Live
  • LiveNOW from FOX
  • Newsy
  • Reuters

Most streaming devices have apps for these. And some live streaming services may have channels for these.

I'm not sure if I'll actually watch the election results. Yes, there are some races in which I have great interest, and will have cast my ballot by end of day today, I'll probably simply have my laptop on an election results Website or have my phone next to me while I watch something entertaining on my TV.

After all, I wanted more entertainment options as part of my Streaming Life, and haven't missed the yelling talking heads on the TV at night. But, if you want to watch election results life, these are some good options.

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