Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Maybe we're not all going to Hell in a hand basket

If you are like me and sometimes just sit and wonder if we're on the right path as a species -- SPOILERS: we're not -- then I saw an article online recently that gave me just a little hope.

I saw an article on The Streaming Advisor the other day that I found interesting. I want to share my thoughts on it.

The post by  Ryan Downey talk about a recent report that showed a massive increase in viewership for Frndly TV. According to Mr. Downey's article, Frndly TV experienced a 53% increase in viewership over the same quarter a year ago:

The third quarter report from the company shows that viewership was up 53% in the quarter, compared to 3Q a year ago. Viewing per subscriber was up 9% and weekly active users rose 40%. The service has been adding channels since its launch and has maintained a very low price point for those who are looking to cut the big bloated cable packages but still have access to programming that would otherwise be out of reach.

That's huge. More people are watching Frndly TV. That means a few things, in my mind.

First, as Mr. Downey indicated, people are looking to save money when it comes to watching TV. Frndly TV is the lowest priced subscription TV service that offers live TV of channels that you normally find on cable. It's true that the number of channels is small when compared to other services, but over 40 channels is still a decent amount.

The other thing, which is where I'm getting a small glimmer of hope, is that Frndly TV is, as the name says (though it's missing all the vowels), friendly TV. You won't find channels with cursing animated fourth graders. You won't find stuff that used to be found only in a P. T. Barnum sideshow but nowadays walking down the city streets.

On Frndly TV, you'll find stuff you can watch with all members of the family. You'll find quality TV at a low price. And it seems that more and more people are discovering that. They want simple, wholesome television to watch, not 24/7 shock TV.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this. If I'm deluding myself, allow me to have my delusion. I'm happy that I'm not the only person that thinks good family friendly TV is still something that many people want in their Streaming Life.

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