Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Free holiday content

Being a streamer and having streaming devices connected to the TV opens up a lot of possibilities for streaming holiday content.

Let me drop this in right now: I'm not one that's afraid to say "Christmas." I say holidays because the content I'm talking about is more than just Christmas, although the bulk of it is for Christmas.

Anyway, there are a lot of ways to stream content for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays using your streaming devices. And I'm talking about free content. That's right, won't cost you a cent.

Most of this is free ad-supported television (FAST) content. Now, if commercials are a problem for you, this isn't the article for you. But, if you don't mind watching some commercials, and appreciate free content as a result, then you have lots of options for watching FAST holiday movies and TV.

Pluto TV

The granddaddy of FAST apps has a Season's Greetings section. It has nine linear (live streaming) channels. If you look around the live channel guide, you'll see Christmas channels in other sections, but they are duplicates of what's in the Season's Greetings section. Of course, some other channels will occasionally have Christmas or other holiday content. These nine are all Christmas content, including movies, fireplace, music videos, and one Spanish language channel.


The Comcast backed FAST service has a Holiday Hub that has 17 live streaming channels. This includes five music channels and a music video channel, but no fireplace channels.


This long-time favorite now has a more family friendly approach since it was acquired by Chicken Soup for the Soul. Crackle doesn't have a live-streaming hub of holiday content, but does have a Holiday section of 160 on-demand movies. They are mostly Christmas themed, but there are other holidays represented, including Thanksgiving. Additionally, there are four selections in the TV section, mostly Kirstie's Handmade episodes.


The Fox-owned Tubi has a Holiday Hits category with 200 on-demand selections. There is no linear content, but that is a fair number of on-demand movies and TV. Tubi has some fireplace and Christmas music based selections that run about an hour each.


This service has both live streaming and on-demand sections. However, it's doesn't contain the focus of other services. There is no Holiday or similar category in the Movies & Shows section. However, there are over 250 on-demand holiday themed movies. But beware: there are all sorts of sub-genre and mixed genre holiday movies, including horror films. Not everything is suitable for family viewing.

Unfortunately, in the Live TV section, there is no category for holiday content.


This is not intended to be an all-encompassing list of apps and services offering holiday content, but simple to share information about some of the ways you can watch it.

Why haven't I mentioned Roku Channel? Because, at least as of today, Roku Channel doesn't have a holiday hub of any type. Same with Sling TV free. On these services, you may find some content here and there mixed in with other programming, but there isn't a single place to go for holiday content within these apps. Perhaps they will after Thanksgiving. If they do, I'll provide an update.

Despite the disappointment that some of the services and apps don't have a section for holiday content, there are several free options for holiday content, mostly Christmas content. If that's something you want in your Streaming Life, you'll be happy.

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