Sunday, November 6, 2022

Still running with my non-privacy phone

I've been testing a privacy phone for a few months now, and have decided on the phone to go with. I'm using the Google Pixel 4a running Lineage OS.

While the phone is a Google brand, it doesn't have Google Services running. That means some apps won't work, but most of the apps work just fine, or I have found alternate apps that work fine.

However, not everything is fine. And that's the problem. There are still some things that are very difficult to do with my Lineage OS phone. And, it related directly to apps.

This week, for instance, I'm out of the office at a conference, and the conference is using an app for keeping up with events and such. The app runs on iOS and Android, but it won't run on Lineage OS. At least, it won't show up in the Aurora Store, not the F-Droid Store. Maybe I should try to download from Google Play, but I'm trying to keep everything Google away from the phone. I don't want a Google back door.

So, I'm still running an iPhone with the app I need. I'm running it as secure as I can, but it still connects to Apple all the time, so that's not ideal.

For this conference, using the Whova (that's the app the conference is using) Website won't do, as it's not mobile friendly.

This continues to be a sore spot for those that want to run a secure, privacy focused phone. It's certainly a sore spot for me.

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