Thursday, November 10, 2022

Local NBC coming to Peacock TV ... for a price

Peacock TV has been a good service for the cost. The NBCUniversal catalog is really big, and the free tier offers 1/2 to 2/3 of the catalog (depending on how you count it). The Premium service, which contains the entire catalog, plus lots of live streaming offerings, particularly sports programming, is a good deal at $5/month (free for Xfinity Internet customers).

Peacock even has an ad-free tier, which is another $5/month, totally $10/month for everything and no ads for on-demand content (actually, there are ads on a very limited number of items; of course, all live streams have ads).

The pricing of the service is similar to that of Paramount+ (no free tier for Paramount, by the way). But Paramount+ has one advantage. Well, had, since that's won't matter soon. Paramount+ $10/month tier includes local CBS affiliate streams.

Peacock TV will soon be adding local NBC affiliate streams to the service. According to reports, it's already rolling out in some areas:

Once the new feature is available in your market — some are going live as early as today, and everyone will have live TV by November 30th -- you'll see a new channel on the Peacock homepage that matches your local broadcast network.

The 24/7 live stream means you'll be able to watch local news and sports, plus NBC's primetime hits like Law & Order: SVU, Young Rock, Chicago Fire, and Dateline NBC. And we can't forget about mainstays like The Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live.

I'm checking out Peacock Premium Plus this month, and the local NBC affiliate out of Savannah isn't available. Once it does roll out, I'll see just how well it works.

I have a feeling it will work well, just like Paramount+ and local CBS. Whether or not it's worth it is something each streamer will have to decide. I likely won't keep it year-round as part of my Streaming Life, but I do see using it from time to time.

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