Monday, September 19, 2022

Should you drop cable?

Do you have cable? Or know someone who does? And do they watch it? I mean, really, do they watch cable?

There have been articles about users "quiet quitting" cable, meaning they keep cable, but rarely ever use it. And that's more common than you might realize.

With the number of streaming services that offer great content, some TV users stop watching cable, but still pay for cable.

It's difficult for me to understand that, partly because I started streaming heavily with the intention of cutting cable. I was not one that started watching more and more streaming, then realized I was still paying for cable but not watching it.

Some family members were like that, though. When I asked why the cutting of cable wasn't happening, the response was that there might be something that's just on cable, such as sports programming.

The logic there is that paying $100/month (or more, in the example I'm using) every month keeps one from having to subscribe to a $35/month service when ESPN carries a game.

Yeah, I know, that would be considered flawed logic. However, it would have meant going into unfamiliar territory, and that can be scary.

If you, or someone you know, is in that situation, it may be difficult to take that last step. But the fact remains that there's not much that you would keep cable for that you can't also get on a streaming service.

Right now, I'm subscribing to a live streaming service to get ESPN. I'm dropping it at the 30-day mark, then re-upping when a game I want to watch airs. I'll end up subscribing three times to cover the college football season. (Draw it out on a calendar and you'll see why that's the case.)

But to the topic at hand. Should you try to convince a family member to drop cable if they are not comfortable doing that? I say no. Don't pressure them.

Rather, let them see what you are comfortable with, and how you are able to watch the stuff without the high cable bill. Don't try to talk them into something. Show them what you're doing.

My Streaming Life hasn't had cable in quite some time, because I haven't needed cable in quite some time. If others see how that works, and that it works well, they'll decide to save money, but in their own time.

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