Thursday, September 29, 2022

Hallmark content on Pluto TV

Back in August, Pluto TV announced that they would be adding several channels in September, including content from Hallmark.

This week, I finally saw the Hallmark Movies & More channel on Pluto TV. And that is a welcome addition.

Hallmark has been a favorite source of content for family members for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, specials from Hallmark on TV were something that my mother would often enjoy watching.

In later years, family members enjoyed Hallmark's content, particularly their Christmas movies. Having it on cable was nice, and when we dropped cable, the various streaming platforms that carried Hallmark content were things I regularly subscribed to.

Hallmark content has been on some very low-priced streaming platforms, both on-demand and linear streaming. A favorite has been Frndly TV, which at $7/month is the lowest price of the live streaming services that carry the actual Hallmark Channel. Philo, at $25, is another low priced streaming service with Hallmark Channel.

But, you can find Hallmark content for free, though not Hallmark Channel. Hallmark does offer a secondary catalog, still Hallmark Channel content, just not current content. It's almost like Hallmark Classic. Not everything is really old content, just stuff that has rolled off of Hallmark Channel rotation.

For some time, Hallmark Movies & More has been available as a live streaming channel on Xumo and Roku Channel. This month, it finally appeared on Pluto TV.

I've mentioned before about Hallmark content being on Xumo and Roku Channel, but Pluto TV is the big dog when it comes to FAST (free ad-supported streaming television) content.

If you want to watch some Hallmark content, you now have another option to improve your Streaming Life.

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