Thursday, September 1, 2022

Kinda Cutting the Cord? Tablo has advice.

If you have started streaming, but still subscribe to a cable service, you really haven't cut the cord.

My mother was like that for a while. She began streaming, and even had a Plex server running for her DVDs ripped to stream, but still kept her cable subscription for a while.

It took a while for her to realize and acknowledge that she was paying for a service she wasn't using. She did use Roku as a Comcast/Xfinity TV box using the Xfinity app, but eventually realized that some free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) services offered enough content of the type she wanted.

She did drop her cable bill from nearly $300 to less than $100 for cable and Internet, but later on realized she could do even better.

I'm not criticizing what she did, as her saving nearly $200 is a very good thing. And I never pushed, as she needed to be comfortable. So, it was kind of an insurance policy, but her cable watching was eventually non-existent.

Her experience is more common than you might realize. Or perhaps it's very similar to yours.

Tablo had an article this week talking about this. As you might expect, they pushed adding an antenna. That's understandable as they are in the over the air (OTA) TV recording, and that's antenna driven.

For times when you would normally reach for your cable remote to tune in to news, sports, or shows like Jeopardy, The Bachelor, or Abbott Elementary, you’ll want an Over-the-Air TV antenna.

With an antenna, you can watch major network channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, the CW, PBS, and many more subchannels with awesome retro content, perfect for times when you don’t want to pick something specific to watch.

And I have to agree. I'm not in the business of selling DVRs, but if you can put up an antenna, that is a great way to watch TV for free.

I suggest reading the entire article, as it offers good suggestions about the equipment you have for streaming, as well as suggestions on how to watch free streaming content.

I think Tablo, or any quality antenna TV DVR, can help your Streaming Life be better. I has certainly done that for me.

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