Thursday, September 15, 2022

Netflixx to drop binge releasing orginal content?

There were a few reports recently suggesting that Netflix was considering releasing its original series content in a more traditional way. Netflix has previously released its series all at once, allowing its subscribers to binge watch the new shows, same as it had for older shows.

Most of the recent news articles referred to a report from Puck News [pay wall warning] that said Netflix was considering changing its model. I have a couple of thoughts on that.

The main thing is that most of the articles all refer to that one source. So, seeing a dozen or so reports doesn't really carry weight, since they all have a single source. When there is only one source, that causes questions in my mind.

If there are multiple sources, that indicates there may be something to it. But when everything goes to a single source, that doesn't carry as much weight.

Having said that, if the single source is a good one, then it's a good source. And this seems to be good source.

Oh, and one other thing. I found a second source that nobody seems to be quoting. CNBC had an article in June that suggested the same thing:

Despite the success of its marquee series, however, Netflix is struggling to jumpstart subscriber growth. So its binge strategy is facing new scrutiny as the company looks for ways to better retain its subscriber base.

"With Netflix, or anyone, never say never," said Peter Csathy, founder and chairman of advisory firm Creative Media. "Just like they said 'no way, no advertising,' don't assume that binge viewing is forever." He added: "Binge viewing is on the table."

I understand why Netflix would switch away from that. If a 13 episode season drops today, I could watch it in a matter of a few days, even on just a weekend if I totally vegged out in front of the TV. Netflix would get a single month subscription from me.

If they released the series one episode a week for 13 weeks, they would get three months subscription from me. Well, not really, but from many.

I would wait until the entire season was released, then binge during a single month. Yes, I'm that cheap.

If Netflix does make the change, it might impact the Streaming Life of many people. But, the economics of the situation may make it a move the streaming giant has to make.

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