Monday, September 26, 2022

Cutting streaming subscriptons to save money

A recent survey indicates that more people in the USA, as well as in Europe, are cutting back on streaming subscription services because of inflation.

Not that streaming services have raised prices, but that everything else has gone up meaning less money for non-essentials. And streaming services are getting hit by this.

While I've not seen the poll, I've seen a write up about it by a good source, The Streaming Advisor, which covers many of the bits of information uncovered by the survey.

There is a definitive generational preference as well. Over two-thirds of Gen Z and Millennials in the US (66% and 76%, respectively) are willing to pay to skip ads, compared to 32% of Baby Boomers, who may be accustomed to ads while viewing TV content. More than half of this generation (the Boomers) are the most unwilling to pay to skip over ads (52%) compared to just 14% of Millennials and 17% of Gen Z who say they are unwilling to do so.

I get this. I'm in that generation, and I usually won't pay to skip ads.

There are other interesting bits, so do go read the article. Of course, I'm not really impacted by much of this. I already cut back on services. I'll subscribe to one a month, watch the content, then cancel and subscribe to a different one the next month.

Over a year, I get all of the content that's exclusive to any service, and I pay a lot less. It is how I conduct my Streaming Life, and I suggest you consider it for yours.

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