Friday, June 3, 2022

My Google TV quandary

I mentioned recently that I was getting a new TV.

I also mentioned that I had the new TV and that it had taken my focus from a couple of other things.

Well, all that is so. But after a week, I'm not still setting it up.

Well, the TV is set up, but the stuff connecting to the TV isn't. Not all of it, anyway.

You see, the new Sony TV is an Google TV device. And that's the quandary. Do I set up one of my existing Google TV devices?

I have a Chromecast with Google TV device, and I have an Nvidia Shield device. Both are Google TV devices. Yes, the Nvidia Shield is technically an Android TV device, but they're both the same thing underneath. It's practically a distinction without a difference.

Anyway, the Google TV interface of the Sony TV is fine. It works as I would expect. In fact, if you bought one, you really wouldn't need a streaming device. It uses one of the Big Four.

There are plenty of smart TV that are lesser devices, and I always put a streaming device on them. In fact, I haven't bought a TV that wasn't a smart TV since I started streaming. And I've never used the interface within a smart TV. I've looked at them and dismissed them as inferior, mostly because in my opinion, they are. I've connected Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, or Android/Google TV devices to them. But for this Sony TV, I won't recommend adding a Roku. Unless you just like Roku and it's on all the other TVs. But the Google TV interface is fine.

And, that means I have both a Chromecast with Google TV and an Nvidia Shield device that aren't connected to anything. Yes, I did connect my Roku Streambar, and use that device for my day to day streaming. I also added my Fire TV Cube. I haven't added my Apple TV just yet, but I will. I want my TV to have all of the Big Four connected, but I don't need to add any Android/Google TV device to accomplish that.

Now what am I going to do with my Google TV devices? I'm sure I'll figure something out. Probably put them on spare TVs, which is something I don't normally do, as the secondary TVs usually just have Roku on them. But I'll relegate the Google TV devices to secondary TVs.

I suppose there are worse things to have to worry about. Maybe my Streaming Life has reached the point where I'm looking for problems. I shouldn't, though. The problems will find me soon enough.

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