Saturday, June 18, 2022

Fubo TV and gambling

When I looked at Fubo TV a little more the other day, I wasn't aware that Fubo was just days away from rolling out a way to actually wager on games.

Yes, you will be able to bet on games from Fubo TV.

The company announced this week that a feature called "Pick’em Games" that opens up the possibility of sports wagering.

... pick’em players in select markets will have seamless access to Fubo Sportsbook by scanning a QR code to place real-money wagers aligned with their picks. This marks the latest incorporation of FuboTV and its owned-and-operated real-money wagering platform.

Pick’em players will be able to predict the outcome of select live sporting events directly from FuboTV’s live TV streaming platform’s home screen. Fubo will make pick’ems available prior to the start of select live sporting events each Sunday. Players can test their skills through a variety of contests, including Perfect Pick’ems, to earn points and compete against their friends and the FuboTV community for the chance to work their way up leaderboards.

FuboTV will continue to expand the types of contests, the gaming experience and, later, will introduce prizing.

Not everyone will get it at first, but this is the first part of a planned rollout to allow you to wager on games.

From the looks of the YouTube video that Fubo TV released, it shows how to pick the games on the streaming device, then generate a QR code that you'll use on your smartphone to complete the wager.

I don't have a good feeling about this, but I'm not going to criticize it. After all, having the Georgia Lottery app on my phone means I have no room to talk about others using smartphones to gamble.

Fubo is in a good position to do this, having branded themselves as the top sports streaming service. And that claim is hard to dispute, although they certainly don't have everything. They do have a lot, and this seems to be the next step.

If sports is something you enjoy, and sports wagering is something in which you have an interest, you'll soon be able to incorporate all that in your Streaming Life.

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