Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Resolving WiFi issues with Fire TV devices

I saw an article on AFTV News yesterday that covered a topic I thought was worthwhile.

Network issues are very common in low-end Roku devices. I don't see a lot of complaints about network issues with Fire TV devices, but I don't frequent the Fire TV support areas nearly as much.

Network issues happen on all devices. Lower end devices are usually more susceptible to such issues, as they are usually lower priced because the parts are cheaper. And cheap network parts sometimes function like cheap network parts.

Poor network quality and the issues that it causes, like buffering and degraded image quality/resolution, are the top complaints among Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Smart TV owners. That is likely why Amazon has revamped the Fire TV’s built-in network status testing utility with additional information and functionality to help Fire TV owners asses and fix network issues. This guide will help you understand the different values in the new network utility, such as signal strength, noise, and channel utilization, as well as suggest ways to improve each value.

Network issues can happen on higher priced, better devices as well, as  you may have noticed by the reference to the Fire TV Cube. So, if you do have network issues, or simply want to try to improve your network connectivity, consider giving the AFTV News article a read. It may improve your Streaming Life.

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