Sunday, June 12, 2022

Linux after all

A couple of weekends agp, I mentioned that I've made no progress in my setting up a Linux desktop for everyday use. What that has to do with streaming is ... well, not a lot. Although streaming is what led to me deciding to set up a Linux desktop.

You see, I wanted to set up a Raspberry Pi as a Plex server, and I did. It's running at a family member's house, where I maintain the computers and network. It works great.

Of course, Raspberry Pi OS is a version of Debian, a Linux distribution. And that got me the Linux itch again.

As I said a couple of weeks ago, I had a device set aside and bought a new hard drive (an SSD) since the reason the device was available was the existing hard drive crashed. So, I put a new one, a better one, a faster one, in the device, and was ready to install Linux. Then my TV thing happened. But that's done. Mostly. So I decided to take a little time and install Ubuntu Linux on the device. So I did. Now I have a running Linux desktop computer from a re-purposed Dell Windows computer.

I haven't done much with it. I did a basic Ubuntu installation. Why Ubuntu? Why not? It's one of the most popular distributions and there's a ton of community support. So, this Linux round -- my first was 15-20 years ago -- I'm starting with a common Linux distribution, and will branch out to others when it seems the thing to do.

I'll probably stick with Ubuntu Linux for a while. I want to get to the point of it being second nature to sit down at that device, rather than the Windows device I'm using to write this, or the Mac OS device that's the one I use the most.

I've been spending a lot of time testing and evaluating live streaming services recently, and that has been and will continue to be a major focus. I had planned to write many of those posts on my Linux device, just to get used to it. I've written more on my laptop than intended, and as Linux is on a desktop, not that many of these posts have been written on Linux. But I have been playing around and getting used to the interface.

So, while Linux isn't actually a part of my Streaming Life, it is a result of it, and I plan on it becoming more and more a large part of the way I write about my Streaming Life.

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