Thursday, June 30, 2022

Amazon Deals!

I couldn't hold out til Prime Days to get a new TV. But if you've been wanting to get a new TV, Amazon is running some specials right now.

One that caught my eye was a 65-inch that's about 40% off.

That's a pretty good deal. Yes, it's still $400, but those are pretty darn good TVs. And if you're looking for a Fire TV platform, this looks like a good choice.

Of course, if your TV picture is good, but your streaming device doesn't get a good signal, maybe it's actually your network.

Amazon's Eero 6 mesh router is a good option. The sale will end on this one soon, but it may come back. Even if it doesn't, it's a good device in my experience. Put a few of them together and give your home the coverage it needs.

Many people with do everything but upgrade their network. Once I got a good network setup, most of my problems with streaming went away.

Check out Amazon's Prime Day page and see if there's something that will make your Streaming Life even better.

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