Wednesday, December 8, 2021

CW app

All of the major broadcast TV networks have apps so you can watch the shows, current and past. There's always a catch, though. You have to authenticate against a TV provider: a cable, satellite, or streaming service. Most of those streaming services are $65/month or more. You can't just watch anything you want in the app for free.

Except, with the CW app, you can watch for free/

CW doesn't require authentication against a TV provider. You launch the app and you watch your shows. That's how you would want it to work, and how the CW app does work.

If you're a fan of the shows on the CW -- Legacies, Superman & Lois, Walker, Roswell New Mexico, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Riverdale, or any of the other shows -- this is a great and free way to watch them.

I realize that the CW isn't the most watched network -- according to Nielsen, it's the 8th most watched network -- but the fanbase is a pretty loyal one. Those that find shows to watch seem to really enjoy them.

As a streamer, I'm happy to see a major network offer content for free. If you had an antenna, you could watch it for free. But, with CW, you don't need an antenna. You can just watch the shows via the app on your streaming device.

If CW shows are of interest to you, you may find that the CW app will be a great addition, and help you enjoy your Streaming Life even more.

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