Sunday, December 26, 2021

A TV Browser?

I visit Roku support Websites a lot. I'm not the one asking for help usually. I offer assistance to other Roku users. I don't usually have Roku issues. The devices I've purchased have been good devices. But, some people have issues, and that's to be expected.

Sometimes the issue is because of expectations that are unrealistic. One that pops up often is when a new Roku user thinks he can watch anything he wants anytime at all for free. A lot of new Roku users seem to think it's some magic box that gets all the cable channels for free. By the way, if you're one of those, stop thinking that right now. Those magic boxes don't exist.

Another one that pops up from time to time is complaints that there isn't a browser. I've never understood that complaint. I've used an on-screen browser. Fire TV devices have the Silk browser, for instance, and I've used that. It's awful.

The main problem is a keyboard. Have you ever tried to use an on-screen keyboard? Sure you have. And you don't like it. Me no like too. If I have to type in something on screen, say a password, I'll pull out my phone and use the remote app on the phone to type something in. Or, most likely, paste from my password manager.

Which brings me to the reason I think a browser is a waste of effort. If I have to use a keyboard, I can accomplish the same thing with my laptop, my tablet, or my phone. I can fine something on my phone and have it cast or mirror to my TV. I have enough devices with keyboards, virtual or actual keyboards, that I don't need a remote with a keyboard. And without a keyboard, I'm really not in the mood to use an on-screen keyboard with a remote.

But still, while I don't understand why so many people -- a large number but a small percentage -- want a browser on their streaming device, the fact is that some people do. If that's you, try a Fire TV device. It is an easy to use device, has lots of apps available, including a browser, and is or will be on sale a lot of the time.

While a streaming device browser isn't for me, if it's for you, you have a pretty good option with a Fire TV device. If that will improve your Streaming Life, then it's a good thing.

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