Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Blogs for cord cutters

While I am certainly happy that you've stopped by here, and I'm hoping my tips, suggestions, and comments might be helpful, I certainly know there are other places online that can help you as a cord cutter. Here are a few blogs that you might like.

Amazon Fire TV Blog

If you use Amazon Fire TV, you might find their blog useful for finding out about some of the features of that streaming platform. They don't post every day. In fact, they only post a handful of times a month. Last month, six times. The month before, 12 times. And, every post won't necessarily be something you absolutely need to know about, it's a good resource if you're in the Amazon ecosystem.

Chromecast Blog

For as much as Google does online, posting on the Chromecast Blog isn't anywhere near the top of their list. They have posted five times this year. That's it. But, I still check it every day. If there's something posted there, it's probably a big deal. Or somebody was assigned to "just post something." Kinda hard to tell. About half of one and half of the other, I suspect.

Tablo Blog

If you have an antenna and a Tablo device, you may find this useful. They post every couple of weeks, or more often when new features are introduced. And while much of it is "hey, we got a sale going on" kind of things, there are some articles that are for cord cutters, and antenna users in particular. You don't necessarily have to be a Tablo user, but the primary focus is their customers, same as the other blogs listed.

Air TV Blog

Air TV is another platform that lets you add an antenna to your local network. It's owned by Dish Network, who also owns Sling TV. And, while I'm listing this entry as the Air TV Blog, it's really the Sling TV news page. From the Air TV Website, the "blog" link takes you to the Sling TV news page, so I'm including this for that platform.

Plex Blog

Even if you don't use Plex server, the Plex Blog covers other functionality from the service. Plex has a selection of free streaming that you can use without running a Plex server. They don't post that often, but if you run a Plex server, it's worthwhile. Even if you don't run a Plex server, you can find updates about their free streaming content. It's worth a shot.

There are more blogs that you may find useful, but these are some that I check every day. If they make your Streaming Life a little easier, then I've done my job in bringing them to you.

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