Sunday, December 12, 2021

Paramount+ live TV channels

Paramount+ has offered live TV since it came into being and replaced CBS All Access. If you have the $10/month plan, you get local live CBS -- well, most of the time; you can't watch some special content, such as this week's airing of Frosty the Snowman -- but in general, you can watch you local CBS affiliate. You can also watch CBSN (news), CBS Sports HQ, ET Live, and some occasional sports programming.

Until this week, that was the extent of the live TV offerings from Paramount+. That selection has grown. Now, to be sure, it's nowhere near the number of live streams available form Pluto TV or Xumo, but some is quite interesting. And, these are available on all Paramount+ plans.

Since there are only 18 new streams added, that's easy to list. The newly available streams are:

  • SpongeBob Universe
  • PAW Patrol
  • Kids & Family Fun
  • Preschool Corner
  • Animation Favorites
  • TV Classics
  • Nostalgic Hits
  • Star Trek
  • Crime & Justice
  • All Day Drama
  • History & Undiscovered
  • Reality TV: Competition
  • Survivor
  • The Challenge
  • Reality TV: Shores
  • Black Voices
  • 24/7 Laughs
  • Adult Animation

They are pretty much what the name says. The Star Trek channel is all the Star Trek series, including the new ones. Reality TV Shores is all of those reality TV shows that have "shores" in the name: Jersey Shore, Floribama Shores, and so on. Black Voices has programming from The Game, Dave Chappelle, etc. Twilight Zone, Hawaii 5-0, I Love Lucy, and similar programming is on TV Classics. You get the idea.

While the number of streams isn't great, the selection is pretty darn good. Some are things that I wouldn't care about at all, but other are right up my alley.

You'll probably be able to find something to enhance your Streaming Life.

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