Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Watching basketball

I've posted about how to watch the NHL finals as a streamer. But, there's another set of finals going on, and they start tonight. The NBA championship series between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Phoenix Suns tips off on ABC TV this evening. And, as a streamer, how would you watch?

Well, all four to seven games will be broadcast on ABC. So, you just need access to ABC. How does a streamer get that?

Other than going to a sports bar, you have five (or six) options. Those five (or six) divide up into two categories. So let's look at the five (or six) options, starting with...

Over the Air

Do you have a TV antenna? If you do, either connected directly to your TV, or to a network-connected tuner such as Tablo or Air TV, then it's a simple matter of tuning to your local ABC affiliate and watching the game.

But that only works if you have an antenna. Suppose you don't? Well, remember I said there were two categories? The other four options fall into that other category.

Over the Internet

You'll need to find a live streaming service that carries ABC. That rules out Philo and Sling TV, since they don't carry local stations. That's one reason their price is so much cheaper than other live streaming services. So, what's left?

There are four (or five) streaming services that carry local ABC affiliates:

  • Vidgo $55/month
  • Hulu + Live TV $65/month
  • YouTube TV $65/month
  • AT&T TV $76/month

What about Fubo $65/month? After all they advertise sports as one of their big draws, right? Well, yes, Fubo is big on sports. It's probably the best live streaming service for sports fans. So, why isn't it being listed? Because you many not be in an area where it will carry ABC. But you might.

Go to this page and find your market.

If you can get ABC in your market, then you have five streaming options. If not, you have four options.

Either way, cutting the cord and ditching cable doesn't mean you can't watch sports. If you're a basketball fan, you can still include the NBA championships in your Streaming Life.

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