Monday, July 26, 2021

Tablo trouble

I recently switched from Air TV to Tablo for my over the air TV watching and recording. If you recall, I manage the TV setup for a couple of houses in the family, including, of course, my own. I utilized Tablo in one, and Air TV in one. I did that because I wasn't sure which way I wanted to go, and my research indicated either would be good.

So, I got one for one house, and the other for the other house. And, as my research indicated, both worked well. When it came time to put one in a third house, I decided to go with Air TV. But, instead of buying an Air TV, I bought a Tablo. Why? So I would replay my Air TV with a Tablo. I didn't feel bad about moving the Air TV to the third location because it was a good device. But, I liked Tablo better, so I replaced my Air TV with a Tablo, and assigned the Air TV to the third house.

All of that seems to indicate that everything is just rosy with Tablo. But it's not. I ran into an issue the other day.

I turned on the TV and launched the Tablo app, but it couldn't find the device. I rebooted the Tablo, and I had to add the device back to the network. I don't know why it lost network connectivity. It connects via Ethernet cable, not wirelessly. But, that's what happened.

The fact that I don't know why it happened makes me wonder if it will happen again. I certainly don't want it to, but I'm afraid it might. Manually rebooting the Tablo device and reconfiguring the network setup is not something I want to do.

Apart from this hiccup, I do like Tablo, and prefer it to Air TV. However, if it turns out the network connectivity isn't reliable, I will have no problem switching back to Air TV. To me, both are great options for an over the air DVR and for putting live local channels on the network, allowing me to watch them on any streaming device.

I thought Tablo would improve my Streaming Life. And it has. I just hope it stays that way.

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